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World Record Ceilidh Band on YouTube

By bellmannews / April 9, 2019

THIS is now the official video of the World’s Largest Ceilidh Band, held at the annual Stonehaven Folk Festival on July 6, 2018. The performance is certified by Guinness as a World Record. Some 288 Musicians and 22 Dancers plus a whole host of support crew took part.


A Business Built on Passion

By bellmannews / April 5, 2019

WHEN the doors close later this month as John Briggs’ Persian Rug Shop moves premises, it may feel like the end of an era – but it won’t be the end of his fascination with the rugs, carpets and culture of Iran. When he bought the distinctive red-brick building back in 1995, John was the […]


Tolbooth Visitor Success

By bellmannews / March 27, 2019

The Bellman reported recently on funding received by the Tolbooth from the North East Scotland Fisheries Local Action Group towards the predevelopment costs of an extension. Andrew Newton has kindly provided the background to the museum’s planned iconic development. The Tolbooth museum was run by the Council until March 2011 when, due to budget cuts, […]


Burns Gone Underground

By bellmannews / March 7, 2019

A BELLMAN reader on her travels was entertained to spot one of Burns’ poems in an unlikely setting. We wonder how many London travellers could understand the Bard’s romantic lines in the ode to life-long romance, John Anderson My Jo. And since the photo is a wee bit out of focus, here are the lines […]


Lifeboat Tragedy

By bellmannews / February 27, 2019

By John Cruickshank   SOME 145 years ago to the day, four crewmen were lost from Stonehaven lifeboat St.George as she entered Aberdeen Harbour having attempted to provide assistance to the sailing ship Grace Darling which was in distress. The following is an extract from the information plaque near the headstone which was erected in […]


Stonehaven Radio

By bellmannews / February 18, 2019

By the Officer-in-Charge, Mr. K. W. Foster First published in Signal, November -December 1964 We are very grateful to Deputy Station Officer at Stonehaven Coastguard, Graham Mitchell, for the following article about Stonehaven Radio “GND” which closed on 30th June 2000. In its day, it was famous around the world. At the end of service, […]


A tale of those double doors

By bellmannews / January 31, 2019

by John Cruickshank   Though today we are proud to have a lifeboat station,  in 1934 the RNLI closed the lifeboat shed, much to the dismay and misgiving of the local inhabitants at the time. An unknown author wrote an article in December 1934. It was published in the Mearns Leader and Kincardinshire Mail, and, […]


Stonehaven’s Bay Walk Sculptures

By bellmannews / January 28, 2019

By Martin Sim   Stonehaven’s Bay Walk sculptures are an interesting addition to the very pleasant seaside walk that can be enjoyed from one end of the bay to the other, at any time of the year. The majority are the work of a local man who prefers to keep a low profile. None of […]


Seeing double

By bellmannews / January 24, 2019

By John Cruickshank I thought you may be interested to hear of a recent Stonehaven adventure.You will be aware that the Stonehaven area is the homeland of Robert Burns’ father, William, who was born in the Mearns in 1721. He moved to Edinburgh in 1748 and latterly on to Ayrshire where he married Agnes Bourne […]


Jubilee of Stonehaven Recreation Grounds

By bellmannews / January 20, 2019

Event to Coincide with Opening of New Swimming Pool How County Town’s Playground Has Grown First posted December 21, 1933 The jubilee of Stonehaven’s Recreation Grounds falls next year, and the opening of the new swimming pool will add to the interest in the event. The growth of the Recreation Grounds during the past fifty […]